Our Story

If you believe in the following, Our Story is also Your Story

  • The world could be better
  • Each of us is connected to the Earth and each other
  • When I feel happier, healthier and more productive, I am able to give more to others
  • When I give more to others, they in turn, feel better, and pass it on
  • A Better World Starts With Me™

Our founders are passionate about global environmental sustainability and also about personal performance enhancement.  We believe the two are intertwined. 

We partner with an international sustainability company, a neurofeedback clinic, and a high-altitude oxygen training gym.  Every product we offer you is a product that our founders selected (due to its synergy with the other products), use, and benefit from.   

A Better World Starts With Me™ operates sustainably and provides the best combination of performance enhancement products available.

We welcome you joining us in saying, “A Better World Starts With Me™”