Sustainability Certification Program With A Focus on People

Sustainability Certification Program With A Focus on People

One of the unique aspects of the Edenark Group ISO 14001 sustainability certification program is its attention to people.  One of the discussion points at the recent COP26 global gathering was the need to incorporate a ‘people piece’ into corporate sustainability.

We appreciate the rest of the world realizing how important the corporate employee health/happiness / wellness/performance component is, to a complete sustainability program.  Our ‘A Better World Starts With Me’ program helps people be the best they can be.

Your sustainability certification program MUST have an employee performance / health / happiness / safety component.  Given that your employees are likely your biggest expense, certainly your biggest opportunity, and clearly the executional side of any decisions on sustainability, or anything else for that matter, a sustainability program that does not incorporate employee performance, health, happiness and safety, is not a true sustainability program.

The Edenark Group Best You Can Be program and our Gym For The Brain facility are both designed to help corporate employees and individuals become happier, healthier and more productive.

To that end, the Best You Can Be team has been working for four years on improving our customized supplement program and this post is a pre-launch notice that those products have been created and will soon be on the market!

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